Unusual Times Call for Unusual Effort

A Note from our Founder - Elizabeth Arnold

In the last few years, people are showing up as never before at city council meetings, the legislature, or school board meetings to share their views. Many are dismayed because they feel ignored. The snail’s pace of large bureaucracies and confusing processes that appease certain interest groups and ignore other voices is frustrating. Nevada Women’s Leadership Alliance (NWLA) applauds newcomers to activism. We know the world is run by those who show up. Those who show up need to know what to do and how to be effective activists or candidates for office. That is the gap NWLA will fill.

Answering the Call to Help Women Who Share Our Values

In recent years, more and more women have been elected to office or appointed to boards and commissions than ever before in Nevada. However, women who value efficient, fiscally accountable government or responsible economic and natural resources development policies are underrepresented in elective office. Many women share those values, but frequently feel isolated and remain unengaged as a result. Some lack access to or awareness of cost-effective advocacy and leadership development programs. Additionally, university or corporate systems are difficult to access or don’t accommodate limitations. These are the women NWLA is answering the call to serve.

Our programs will help more like-minded women find success in influencing public policy. When you are new to the game, it can be easy to fail. Our courses include leadership, communication, and message development, understanding your audience, market segment targeting, creating effective strategies, campaign management, and more. As we help women learn to move up leadership ladders, we will generate a pipeline of effective advocates inspired to help “Create a better Nevada, one woman at a time.”

Our mission is to educate, mentor and inspire like-minded women to become effective leaders in public service. We welcome volunteer and financial support to help us connect with women who share our values. With your help, we can invite more and more women to participate in our programs. As we encourage them on their civic engagement journeys, they will bloom as tomorrow’s sound policymakers.

We hope you will answer our call for support. Is it possible to change the world as a well-trained happy warrior for causes you care about?  Yes, it is.  Never forget the world is run by those who show up and know what to do. 



Liz Arnold, Founder

Nevada Women’s Leadership Alliance

NWLA’s OBJECTIVE isTo serve as a nonprofit nonpartisan women’s leadership development organization that educates, inspires, and trains women to understand all levels of government processes and become effective leaders involved in such processes as they choose or to improve their careers.

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