Unusual Times Call for Unusual Effort

A Note from our Founder - Elizabeth Arnold

From 2021 to now, people are showing up as never before at city council meetings or school board meetings, and more. They attend because they care and hope to be persuasive but are dismayed by failure. We applaud their activism because we know the world is run by those who show up. We also know frustration comes easy when large bureaucracies move like snails and seek to appease only certain interest groups. Unresponsive elected officials or bureaucrats who are dismissive or disdainful leave many people upset.

Nevada made history in 2020 by electing more women to the legislature than ever before. Often with no previous experience, many women are entering public service or to influence public policy. The trend is growing as many more start their journey to make a difference.

Answering the Call to Help

Women who value-efficient, fiscally accountable government or responsible economic and natural resources development policies can feel isolated. They may not know there are like-minded women out there like us. They also lack access to or awareness of cost-effective advocacy and leadership development programs. University or corporate systems can be hard to enter or aren’t tailored to their limitations. Nevada Women’s Leadership Alliance is answering the call to serve their needs.

NWLA will teach women the intricacies of each level of legislative and administrative government processes and how to effectively advocate for policy change. What are the rules a city council must follow in policy decisions? How and when can the public effectively influence any public process? When you are new to the game, it can be easy to fail. Our programs answer these questions. We’ll offer courses in leadership development, message development, audience targeting, effective advocacy strategies, campaign management, and more.

As we help women move up leadership ladders in Nevada through our programs, we will grow the pool of well-honed women leaders inspired to make Nevada all it can be. Our welcoming network and mentoring programs will encourage and inspire participants as they learn to change the world. Women who share our values will no longer be underserved and underrepresented at the decision-making table.

We need volunteer and financial support to help recruit and inspire women to join our training programs. We hope you will answer our call for support. Is it possible to change the world as a well-trained happy warrior for causes you care about? Yes, it is. Never forget the world is run by those who show up and know what to do.


Liz Arnold

NWLA’s OBJECTIVE is: To serve as a nonprofit nonpartisan women’s leadership development organization that educates, inspires, and trains women to understand all levels of government processes and become effective leaders involved in such processes as they choose or to improve their careers.

Join Us and Make a Difference

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