Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Nevada Women’s Leadership Alliance?

Nevada Women’s Leadership Alliance is a statewide 501c3 nonprofit, non-partisan leadership development and advocacy training organization. Our motto is to create a better Nevada, one woman at a time. We seek to support women who share our values for common sense pragmatic policy solutions, are pro-business and resource development, and believe in efficient, fiscally responsible government management. We focus on women with these values because they are widely underrepresented in elective or appointed public service roles and in the business world in Nevada.

2. What is NWLA’s Purpose?

We will increase the number of women who share our values and can gain the vision and strategic thinking necessary to take a seat any decision-making table. We know there is limited access to training and development resources outside of longer term or expensive university or corporate training programs for many women. We will fill that gap to help these women become successful leaders over the long haul within a supportive network.

3. What are NWLA’s Goals?

Our goals are to recruit, educate, train, and inspire women across Nevada through a myriad of training courses, fun networking events, and mentoring programs. Our programs are designed to support and encourage trainees to step outside of their comfort zone to improve their communities or careers. Our first-year goals are to host at least 4 training courses, 2 in northern Nevada and 2 in southern Nevada.

4. Why is NWLA Needed?

Outside of a political party, academic institutions, or corporate training programs, we have found that leadership development, advocacy training, or public process training are almost non-existent. Further, outside of traditional institutions, opportunities to gain experience as new leaders or in effective advocacy are sparse. Frequently, when women put their toe in the water to seek a volunteer board appointment, serve on an advisory committee or seek other roles in public service, they not only lack leadership training or management experience but have no prior training in government administrative processes. Often, they don’t know where to find that information in general.

5. Who can benefit from our programs?

Our programs will help women who share our values that wish to become better advocates and strong leaders. If their interest is in advancing their careers, we know our programs will help them learn better leadership skills and improve personal advocacy for advancement. If they seek or could seek a public service role, we’ll have a wide range of training programs to improve their existing skills or learn new skills. Our networking and mentoring programs will provide participants with a welcoming and safe environment to share concerns and get positive feedback and encouragement. We will provide guidance and emotional support as they grow. Even though we are focused on women, men are welcome to join our programs too. See question 10 below for a range of programs we’ll offer.

6. What problem Is NWLA attempting to solve?

In today’s political atmosphere, there is a growing dislike or lack of desire to be associated with a political party of any kind. In fact, in 2022, just under one-third of Nevada’s electorate are registered, nonpartisan voters. Many women in that category share our values and care deeply about specific issues that affect their daily lives. Others who are also concerned about issues affecting them who are registered in a party, never participate in, or follow party activities, and have no interest in doing so. With no attractive avenue to be personally involved, these two types of women remain unengaged and can feel isolated without connections to like-minded people.

NWLA aims to help these women find a safe channel to grow, learn, and achieve change in their own backyards through our programs. As they find their voice and build confidence, they’re part of a team of effective future leaders. Our education programs, networking, and mentoring programs will inspire and empower women in growing numbers to become well-trained citizen advocates and leaders. Our supportive network will be there for participants for years to come as they seek to make Nevada a better place to live. NWLA has a dream that our participants can, over time through training, help heal a
dysfunctional national or local political dialogue.

7. Who is behind NWLA?

Our founders are seasoned professionals with a wide range of backgrounds in various industries such as: grassroots advocacy, association management, government affairs, communications, resources industry stakeholder outreach, education or political campaigns, and a broad spectrum of public engagement efforts over many years. Their bios are included in our information packets and online at See our bios here.

8. What qualifications are required to participate in NWLA programs?

We welcome anyone who shares our values to join our programs. We seek those who want common sense practical policy solutions, are pro-business and resource development, want efficient, fiscally responsible government, and have a desire to improve their communities and Nevada. As a women’s leadership organization, we focus on women of course, but men are also welcome too.  NWLA will not discriminate against any race, ethnicity, creed, gender, or minority person or group of any kind. 

9. Is NWLA a nonprofit corporation?

NWLA is a Nevada Domestic Nonprofit Nonpartisan Corporation with certificate number B202111032212949 and Nevada Business ID number E18698862021-2. Our federal 501c3 nonprofit corporation public charity application is in process with approval expected summer of 2022. Upon federal approval of our application, donations will be tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor for guidance. For more information about us email us at

10. What Programs will NWLA conduct?

As a new organization developed by an all-volunteer board of directors, we are currently building our programs.  Our first training course in 2022 will be Successful Advocacy Techniques. Learn more here.  Other courses in development are:

  • What is the process and how does it work: legislature, boards, commissions, councils, advisory committees, community panels, agency advisory groups, etc.
  • Multi-level leadership development courses
  • Multi-purpose advocacy training
  • Campaign management: fundraising, events, volunteers, strategy, and unique message development
  • Web & social media marketing systems and uses
  • Meeting management
  • Strategic project management
  • Winning strategies and tactics
  • Issue analysis
  • Constituent engagement and communication

NWLA’s OBJECTIVE is: To serve as a nonprofit nonpartisan women’s leadership development organization that educates, inspires, and trains women to understand all levels of government processes and become effective leaders involved in such processes as they choose or to improve their careers.

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